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All tea comes from one plant?

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on

All true teas come from one plant called Camellia Senensis. Drinks made form a variety of botanicals are referred to as herbal infusions or tisanes. If you've gone to a tea shop or simply observed the teas in your local grocery store, you've noticed that there are hundreds of teas out there. How can they all come from the same place? Some of the differences come about by the way the leaves are processed. It also matter what variety or cultivar the Camellia Sinensis plant is and where it is grown. Some teas are grown on hillsides, some in low lying areas. The area the tea is grown in as well as the climate of the country it is grown in, all affect the way the tea plant grows and the taste of the tea once it is processed. Processing also plays a role in creating differences in tea.

The more I learn about tea, the more fascinated I am by all the tea world has to offer. The history of tea is vast. The tea world is vast as well. No matter how much you learn, there's more! For today, we're going to just wrap our minds around the fact that all true tea comes from the same plant. We'll also understand that botanicals, which are often referred to as tea, are in fact herbal infusions or tisanes. As our tea journey continues we'll eventually take a look at botanicals too. Right now, our focus will just be on Camillia Senensis, Tea.

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