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The First Flush

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on

After yesterday's post regarding the infusion of the first flush darjeerlings, it occured to me that I left everyone in the lerch so far as an explanation is concerned. Darjeerling  is a little town in the foothills of the Himalayas in the North-east corner of India. The first flush refers to the first fresh shoots that grow on the tea plant. They are usually picked at the end of March and in April. These are most flavorful due in part to winter dormansy. The first flush teas are also the teas that are flown in ahead of the rest to appease anxious customers. They are the teas that often win at tea festivals as well. We are within a few weeks of this time now. I'm sure there are many people patiently awaiting the arrival of the first flush darjeerlings.

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