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Interesting facts about Camillia Sinensis (Tea)

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on

All tea comes from the same plant, camillia sinensis. How the tea is processed is what makes it white tea, green tea, yellow tea, oolong tea or black tea. Where the tea is grown also affects various teas. It is also interesting to note that the tea plant grows like an evergreen shrub or tree and produces delicate little flowers with five or seven white or creamy- white petals and yellow stamens.
The Chinese bush generally grow to 15 ft but some ancient trees grew to 100 ft. It doesn't mind cold climates and it grows well in China,Japan and Taiwan. The leaves grow to be about 2 inches long and tea bushes can produce good tea for up to 100 years. Other varieties of tea like Assam, for example, love hot and humid conditions.
There are so many things one can study regarding tea. It's quite fascinating. Many cultures consider tea part of daily life where one couldn't imagine a day without it. The more one learns of tea, the more there is to learn. I'm going to try to touch upon a variety of interesting facts about tea. My hope is to inspire.

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