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A New Style Bird House and Pressed Flower Candles

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 Today I worked on pressed flower candles which I always enjoy. This time I made some of the shorter pillar candles which are 3×3. Pictures will follow. We had a wonderful ski today as well. Of course, because I didn’t have my camera, we saw porcupine. One was wide awake sitting up in a hemlock, munching away. As soon as I can get back out there, I’ll have my camera. Warmer weather and rain may prevent my going out there today. The temp is due to drop to below zero tonight so Tuesday looks promising. I wanted to share this picture of the new bird house style and also some of the other houses that will be upcoming on our gift shop website We’ve started loading products so keep checking to see what’s new.

We’ll be putting these and more onto our gift shop site. Great time to begin planning for spring and what new and exciting things to put in your yard and garden!

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