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Jonathan’s Spoons, Fern Pressed Flower Candle,Vanilla Lavender Olive Oil Soap

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Jonathan's Spoons

We are very happy to announce that we are now carrying Jonathan’s Spoons! Pictured above, we have serving spoons, lazy spoons and various spreaders. We also have coffee scoops, pictured above. Jonathan’s spoons can be paired with our coffee, put into a gift basket or purchased on their own. Jonatha’s Spoons are hand carved from maple or cherry and have been a long time favorite of mine. If you are looking for a fabulous gift, this is a great choice. I have purchased many of these over the years for my mom as gifts. She loves them and uses them in all of her cooking and baking. Last night when we were there for dinner we took them all out and began talking about how many years she has used these serving pieces. We are sure it’s at least 20 years and they are all as good as new. Every once in a while they need to be refurbished with mineral oil. We hope that our customers are as excited about purchasing Jonathan’s Spoons as we are to be able to provide them for our customers.

Fern Pressed Flower Candle

This is our latest pressed flower candle. It features beautiful ferns on either side. This is a favorite candle among our customers and we’re very happy to have this “one of a kind” candle available for purchase. We have also been able to begin making some new soaps. We have olive oil and cocoa butter soaps.

Vanilla Lavender Olive Oil Soap

 Here we have our own fragrance, vanilla lavender in an olive oil soap and lily of the valley in cocoa butter. Our vanilla lavender soap is pictured below. Go to our online store and be the first to purchase yours today! Look for our new gift baskets coming soon….

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