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What's Been Going On....

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on


This has been an incredibly long week! Since about mid April I've been having problems with the internet service which has interrupted my label making, blogging, website updates and on and on it goes. After quite a bit of trouble shooting I decided the problem must be the router. Not so, it was the internet provider's equipment. The equipment has now been fixed. During that process however, both of my computers had problems. My laptop, that I had planned to use as a back up to my desk top, was infected! My desktop had a failing hard drive. Both computers had to go to the shop. Today I picked up my new computer that I'm writing on now and thankfully, my laptop was fixed and it is working! Over this period of fixing, I pondered restructuring my business so that I could function without the internet and without computers. Of course, I realized that this simply is not possible in this day and age so I made the purchase. You never realize just how much stuff you have on your computer or how you have it all arranged until you have to do it all over again! So, this evening, I'll begin the process of getting everything I need, including wi-fi, up and running so I can work.


I decided that an update was in order due my absence from so very many things for such a long time. Who knew? Being a pianist, I'm very sensitive to keyboards and how they function. The hardest part is finding a keyboard I can adapt to. This one is ok but I already miss my old one and I want to try to figure out how to hook that back up. I guess I'm fussy. I can't really help it because it's the result of playing the piano for the better part of my entire life. You get used to things being a certain way and working a certain way. Well, that's what's been going on. Crazy! Now I need to really get to work!

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