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The Farmer's Market How Did It Go Anyway?

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on

All in all the market went pretty well. There weren't a lot of people there but everyone that came to the market stopped by to say hello and several purchased tea. As for my display and general set up, it all went really well until it was time to pack up. The weights in the cover for the canopy and the walls and ground spikes all fit into compartments in the cover making it very heavy. I wasn't able to pick it up to pack up the canopy. As I began packing up, I found I was able to put everything into my wagon. This was wonderful! I pulled the wagon to my car and was able to just push it up into the back thinking that this was the answer for sure! I found out, however, that is was not! The tables and the canopy didn't fit properly because of the wagon. The long and the short of it is that I had everything kind of mish mashed into the back of the car. The zip lock bags for each tea worked well. Putting the tea into the display or anything for that matter didn't work at all. Also, I wasn't able to easily place the display back into the car. This week I will have two sections and put one on top of the other or stand them side by side on the table. This will make two small sections that should fit in the car. I won't do the wagon thing again ever! I now know that the tables must go in first with the canopy on the side. I also know that the canopy cover has to be empty in order to fit back onto the canopy for storage. Oh well, it was the first day and I felt it went better than any other time I've ever been to the market. This week I'm hoping will be even better! Again, I'll let you know how the set up works and how the new and improved pack up goes. Here's to a better market experience this week!

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