The Farmer's Market

I have had a love-hate relationship with the Farmer's Market for quite some time now. I love the vendors and I love the shoppers. I love being outside and I love that people can see where there food comes from. It's a wonderful sharing opportunity and a boost to the community. For me, the hard part has been the schlepping. Often at the close of the market I'm the last one struggling to put things in my car. Why? I brought too much. Yup. Bring this in case someone wants it or bring that and the next thing you know, you have too much! It's like over packing for vacation. Instead of enjoying the vacation you're spending the majority of the time managing your stuff. I'm looking for input here. If you have struggled with the market, please share! If you have ideas, input, I'd love to hear from you! 
Pictured above is the grid I put together. This will hold my teas so that when I arrive at the market all I have to do is stand this on the table and stand up the tea inside each cube. I have a goal and it's to figure this out so that it's manageable. Make it a pleasant experience and enjoy it, that's my goal. So, that being said, I'm going to be sharing my experiences and blogging about how this all unfolds. I'm also going to be hoping for some feedback. The above display will hold baskets on the side and at the back if I decide to add that part. For now, I'm going with this basic grid and baskets.
On each side I have two baskets. These baskets will hold tea wallets, infusers, tea filters and one more item yet to be determined. The baskets fit inside the grids. My teas will be in large zip lock freezer bags, sorted and ready to be put into the display. I'll let you know how this all works out. I'll be keeping you updated on my progress. The Market I'm referring to is the Canton Farmer's Market in Canton New York. More to follow...