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The Starling,the sparrows and the Hoary Red Poll

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on



The Hoary Red Poll

Yesterday morning, while making the bed, I happened to look out the window only to see a starling literally attacking my little sparrow's nest. The first thing he did was to pull most of the nesting materials from the lower hole. Then he went up to the top and began to peck. The his head went into the house, still with a pecking motion. I ran downstairs and out into the back yard. I yelled at the starling. I have been watching these little sparrows busily building their nest for the past couple of weeks. It's been so much fun watching them zoom in and out of the bird house. They are so cute! I didn't think the female had begun setting because she was still in and out of the house. I took a small stick and I stuffed the nesting materials back into the bottom hole of the bird house. No sign of the starling, thankfully. I kept thinking, I hope they don't think I did this!! After a while the male and female sparrows returned. They were very busy trying to put everything back together. The male sat guarding on the outside while the female went into the house. That was what I saw when I got up this morning as well. One of the sparrows sat and kept watch while the other worked. Then at about 10AM, the starling returned. Both sparrows sat in the nearby lilac bush. A couple of times they flew in close proximity to the starling but it didn't seem like they really tried to attack it. Once again, while telling myself that this was nature and this was normal and this was not my problem or my business,I went running out into the yard yelling at the starling. It didn't matter. The behavior of the previous day was repeated anyway. The only really great thing about yesterday was my first siting of the Hoary Red Poll. I'm always excited when I see a new bird and this one was adorable. A tiny little thing, on the way back north I suppose.

I have given up on my quest to protect the sparrows. They're on their own because that's how it should be. I'm going to hope they find a safer place to nest AND I'm going to take the perches off the house. This house wasn't designed for birds the way it should be. By taking those off it should keep the starling at bay. Tomorrow morning, the perches come off! In the meantime, please enjoy the link to read about the Hoary Red Poll.

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