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Cupping Tea

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on

I spent most of my day yesterday and today cupping tea. Cupping tea is where you give your tea sort of a test drive to see what it's made of. I'm in tea school so I had quite a bit of cupping I needed to complete. As with anything, there are many and varied experiences that occur. For me, yesterday and today were shining examples. Yesterday I did a video about cupping. Pretty much all I did was show the materials you need and I did a brief explanation about the procedure. I'm not an expert and I don't profess to be one either. I am simply sharing what I've learned because I find it all very interesting and very exciting. The more I learn about tea the more I want to learn about tea. Well, this cupping has certainly been an adventure. I've done some cupping but not a whole day and never two whole days in a row like this. So, I thought I'd share some of my experiences.
The first experience was, as I very confidently and very quickly went to balance my tea cup on the bowl so the tea would drain from the cup, I went too fast and dumped the majority of the water onto the counter. Then in an effort to take the proper temperature of the water, I put water into a small pitcher to cool. Suddenly there was a huge puddle of water! Where or where pretell was that coming from? Yup, the pitcher had a hairline crack that really wasn't even visible. I could feel it and then of course, I could see the water escaping the pitcher and spreading onto the counter. Trying to keep all of your teas, cups, sensory evaluation sheets and self in order is yet another detail of this process. If you are cupping tea from Korea and Japan you need to keep them straight! Details, details,details!! I finally did manage to get through all of them. I finally did too fill out all of the information on each tea. I really enjoy this. I have to admit though, it is quite the learning curve!! My hope is to someday do a cupping class so I can share this with others. It is fun and I think cupping in a small group would be really interesting and really fun.
Cupping is one of the most important skills for me to aquire. I am creating teas all the time and I need to cup each one and I do. It's the only way to make sure the tea is acceptable. I'm wondering....have you ever cupped tea? If so, please share. We'd love to hear about your cupping experiences. For now, I'm going to sign off. It's been a relatively long day and now it's time to unwind.....if I can.....I'd love to hear from you regarding cupping so please share.

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