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Flavoring, Blending, Scenting Loose Leaf Tea

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on


I recently completed another tea class where I studied flavoring, blending and scenting loose leaf tea. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I'm getting closer to certification and hope to be finished by the end of April. I was really surprised how much math was needed to figure out certain procedures I needed to do. During this class I was able to create some really great teas and I'm very excited about getting them ready to share. A huge part of classes is cupping. In order to know what you need to use in blends you really need to know what each ingredient tastes like on it's own first so that when you put them together you have a general idea what you expect for an outcome. I really love creating tea blends. I am especially fond of black tea and I made a wonderful blend and there are others in the works. I'm going to share one of the teas that I created so you can see how it came out. One of the many rewarding parts of this is how pretty the teas often look when you have finished a blend. This one is very pretty. It's a Chinese Sencha green tea,licorice root,orange peel and rose petals. I have had teas with rose petals and found they tasted like perfume. I'm happy to say that my tea does not. I suppose if you're not a fan of licorice root you may not care for this tea but one thing I recently discovered about myself is that I love licorice root tea! It is yummy! So this is my tea.



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