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Lots of work and revamping going on

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on

I'm sure that if you are looking at my products and blog posts you're wondering what's going on. Usually I have several blog posts and new things all the time. The truth is, I'm revamping my shop, the way everything is set up and getting ready for a wholesale show. All of these things take a lot of time. All of my teas are being switched over from cupboards to open shelving and my packaging center is getting a face lift too. As I'm creating more and more teas and in larger amounts, I'm needing more ingredients and more places to put both ingredients and packaged tea. Over the past couple of weeks I've created a new office/work space (which used to be my dining room) and changed my shop around using shelving and getting rid of cupboards and any extra items not being used on a daily basis. This is going to make it much easier to package tea and get ready for the Upstate New York Gift Expo which is taking place Feb. 9th,10th and 11th. We're very excited about being part of the show this year!

I'm going to be continuing my tea studies as well. After I finish my February class I'll be half way to my goal of being a certified tea specialist. I'm very excited about my upcoming class and will be sharing information when the class begins. Now it's back to work and a ski with the dogs before finishing out my work day.

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