What is Biodynamic Tea?

Biodynamic TeaBiodynamic Tea


When growers produce biodynamic tea what it means is that the seasons,the weather,the waxing and waning of the moon and the interaction and interdependency of different species of insects,birds and animals are all taken into account when planting. The pruning of the plants and all other aspects of cultivating tea are being planned and implemented. These methods are based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner . Worm culture is included in this as well. Using worms to make large quantities of organic compost from green manure,grass cutting and various other items that create specific ingredients needed for the best cultivation are used. These are all in keeping with the ancient ways which followed and stayed in close harmony with nature and natural cycles.

So rest assured that the next time you come across an organic biodynamic tea, a lot has gone into it's cultivation making it worth purchasing and drinking for sure!