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One of those days....

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on

I've been working on our holiday teas. It's been a very interesting experience to say the least! I love creating blends, gift sets and the like. The things that occur while doing so, not so much. A couple of days ago, this was the case. Virtually every cup of tea or coffee I had in the shop, I knocked over. I don't know how I did it, it was just one of those days! One of my favorite pottery tea mugs smashed on the floor and broke into a million pieces. Another cup of tea tipped over and ran down the side of the the cupboard, inside the cupboard door and all over the floor. Honestly, I think I spent more time cleaning up then I did making tea! So yesterday I went out to my shop all excited to meet the new day and continue blending and packaging teas. Our weather changed my schedule completely! It was about 21 degrees and the wind was just whipping. The windows in my shop are like those storm windows you put on a porch. Every year I put up the plastic. I've calked them all around and done my best to be sure they are sealed. The bottom line is, I need different windows. I searched, unable to find them. Yesterday, while purchasing the plastic to cover the windows, I found out that my local hardware store can get me replacement windows! They said they can be made in any size! So, this Thursday we'll be scheduling the measuring. My plan is to get the windows and put an end to this once and for all. This way, I'll have a nice warm place to work and I won't be worried about my shop 24/7. I'm excited to see the difference once I have them installed. It's supposed to warm up over the weekend so my plan is to try to get them as soon as possible and hopefully get them in before the next cold snap. Last night I could feel the difference with the plastic on the windows and this morning I'll zap the windows, now that the wind has stopped, with the hair dryer to tighten up the plastic. So, I'm off to finish the rest of the holiday teas that are ready for packaging and make another batch to be packaged.


This probably isn't the most interesting blog post but it is what it is and these are the real life things that are going on at Specialtea Teas.

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