Specialtea Teas Loose Leaf Tea Kit



Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Kit

Never had loose leaf tea before? Don’t know the first thing about what to do or how to make it? It’s ok we’ve got you covered! Try our NEW tea kit. We made these just for newbies! Everything you need to make yourself a cup of organic loose leaf tea from Specialtea Teas.

Our kits have 2 tea samplers, a perfect cup of tea spoon, filters and even a mug to make your tea in. It couldn’t be any easier to start experiencing the pleasure and health benefits of a great cup of tea.

Tea Kit - 2 Tea Samplers (1 Black, 1 Herbal)
10, #2 Tea Filters
Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon $10

These also make great gifts! A nice variety of teas, nicely package and ready for gift giving!