How Do I Use Loose Leaf Tea? OR How to use a tea filter.

Lately I've been doing quite a bit of traveling and doing shows in various parts of New York state. I have noticed that many people really want to try drinking loose leaf tea but they're not sure how. They will often ask me what they need to do in order to start drinking my teas. Most people are familiar with what is commonly called a "tea ball" but very few have ever heard of, or tried, a tea filter.


The picture below shows the "tea balls" I'm talking about. We also have tea infusers that work well for loose leaf tea.

What I usually suggest are tea filters. They are very easy to use. You simply place one tsp. of tea into the filter,put the filter into the water and steep your tea. When steeping is complete, remove the filter full of tea. Our tea filters are made from wood pulp from the US and Canada and are compostable and biodegradable. They also do reforestation so it's a win, win! The filter is gusseted on the bottom so there's plenty of room for the tea leaves to expand. We use #2 filters because they will make a cup of tea but can also make a pot of tea. You can use these for a 2 cup teapot or up to an 8 cup teapot so they are very versatile. A filter also doesn't allow stuff to get through and float in your tea. If you like clear tea, like me, then you will love the easy to use tea filter.









Putting the tea into the filter



Placing the filter into the water


steeping the tea


Removing the tea filter after steeping the tea


I hope that this has been informative and helped those of you that want to try loose leaf tea but aren't sure what you're supposed to do.