Cold Brew Iced Tea

With the hot weather suddenly upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to provide instructions for cold brew iced tea. This has extras to help you with iced tea preparations. There are many ways you can make iced tea. I hope this helps! There's nothing like iced tea made from organic loose leaf teas from Specialtea Teas!

Cold Brew Iced Tea
Place one tea pouch into
one gallon of water and
place container in the fridge
overnight. In the morning,
remove the tea pouch.
1 oz. loose leaf tea to one
gallon of water.

Cold Brew Concentrate
Place tea pouch in a half gallon
of boiling water and steep 4 min.
remove the tea pouch, let the
concentrate cool and refridgerate.
fill a glass half full of the tea
concentrate and add water to
fill the glass.
Regular Iced Tea
Use 1 oz. loose leaf tea to
one gallon boiling water or
a tea pouch from Specialtea
Teas. Place tea pouch in
1 gallon boiling water
Steep tea 4 min., remove tea
pouch, let tea cool and
place in the fridge.

White Teas, Green Teas and
Herbal Teas are best for
Cold Brewing. Black Tea can
be cold brewed but it will change
the tea profile a bit.