Specialtea Teas Single Serve Loose Leaf Tea


Specialtea Teas Single Serve Loose Leaf Tea because there are so many people that have asked me if there was a way to try the tea without buy a whole ounce of it, I've designed these "Single Serve" loose leaf teas for our customers. This solves a lot of problems for my customers and anyone new to drinking loose leaf tea. One thing it does is give you a chance to use a tea filter without have to purchase them. I have packaged our single serves in a filter. You don't have to worry about measuring the tea, it's already done for you. You will have all the flavor because it's loose leaf tea and the label has all the directions you'll need to make yourself a cup of tea. Also, if want to fill your tea wallet, you can pick out your teas and fill it without having to figure that out either. Now, for those of you saying, my tea bag is easier. Dust is what is found in those tea bags. It's all the stuff that is left over from processing. There is not nearly the same flavor. Our tea filters have a gusset so the loose leaves are free to unfurl in the cup and give you an amazing cup of tea.