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Specialtea Teas Tea List

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on

10/28/2013 (original publishing date)

Ok, I've had a special request and it's a good one. One of my customers has seen my tea list and come to my shop to purchase tea. So I was told that a lot of my teas are not on the website. I'm going to put the list here and I'll be working on getting them all onto the website. If there is something you see that you'd like you can always call me or email me and I'll be happy to process your order! In the meantime, I'm including the list and continuing to try to get them all on the website. So here's the list:  Specialtea Teas Tea List Across A Crowded Room (Seasonal)

Almond Oolong

Berry Berry

Biodynamic Autumnal Darjeerling

Biodynamic Green

Black Currant Tisane

Blarney Blend (Seasonal)

Caribbean Cooler

Ceylon Black Op 1

Ceylon Green Op 1


Cranberry Apple


Cranberry Orange

Cranberry Spice

Decaff Darjeerling

Decaff Irish Breakfast

Earl Grey

English Breakfast

Genmaicha Sold Out


Ginger Citrus

Ginger Orange Peach

Herbal Chai

Hibiscus Mint White

Irish Breakfast

Irish Eyes (Seasonal)

Joey Green

Lapsang Souchong

Lemon Chamomile



Marsala Chai

Marsala Vanilla Chai

Moroccan Mint


Nite Cap

Nutcracker (Seasonal)


Pinhead Gunpowder Green

Pink Lemonade

Pomegranate Black

Pomegranate Green

Pomegranate White

Pomegranate Raspberry Black

Pomegranate Raspberry Green

Raspberry Black Currant Tisane

Raspberry White

Red Raspberry Rooibos w/clover

Rooibos Chai

Sencha Sold Out

Silver Moonlight Wild White

Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai (Seasonal)

Slimming Oolong

Summer Chill

Vanilla Chai

Vanilla Tea

Wellness Balance

Wellness Energy

Wellness Serenity

Winter Warmth

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