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Red Raspberry Leaf Information

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on

09/25/2013 (original post date)

Specialtea Teas has a wonderful Herbal Chai. Recently, after drinking this tea and feeling so much better, I decided to take a look at red raspberry leaf up close and personal. I wanted to find out what each ingredient was capable of. Loose leaf tea is very tasty and it's very good for you too. I'm not an herbalist and I'm not by any means an "official" source on all of this stuff. I make no medicinal claims what so ever. What I am doing is simply trying to teach others what I am in the process of discovering about various teas. Also, I would like to help my customers choose teas that may benefit them in various ways. I find all of this quite fascinating and I find myself going to tea more and more when I'm thinking I just want a little something to drink that's tasty, healthy and calorie free if you don't add anything to it. Anyway, here's some of the information I found about some of the ingredients in our herbal chai.Red Raspberry Leaf
The nutrients in red raspberry leaves are vitamins C, E, A, and B complex, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron and antioxidants. Red raspberry leaves also contains tannins a natural astringent that can help cleanse the outside and inside of the body naturally. These leaves even contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease pain and inflammation safely and naturally.

Women who are trying to improve fertility should consider drinking several cups of red raspberry tea throughout the day because of its ability to enhance the chances of getting pregnant. Woman and teenage girls should drink red raspberry leaf tea daily if their menstrual cycles are irregular because the nutrients in the tea can help regulate the cycles and help ease the symptoms that come before and after the menstrual cycle such as mood swings, bloating and cramping. Women pregnant can also benefit from drinking red raspberry tea throughout their pregnancy because of its potent nutrients and ability to nourish both mother and baby without harming them. Drinking red raspberry tea while pregnant can even help improve and strengthen the muscles in the reproductive system so delivery of the baby goes smoothly and can help ease nausea away gently and effectively

Those of you who suffer from constipation, poor blood circulation, inflammation, diarrhea, irritated skin, gum diseases, oral cavities, the cold and flu, respiratory infections and digestive issues can help treat this conditions natural by sipping on 2 to 3 cups of red raspberry leaf tea throughout the day. Due to the high amount of vitamin C and other potent nutrients in red raspberry leaves, the tea is also useful for treating bacterial and viral infections as well as dehydration and fevers. Those of you who suffer from high blood sugar levels can help reduce them by sipping on some red raspberry leaf tea to help lower them when needed.

Please keep in mind, I'm not touting these as my own or claiming anything. I am simply providing information as I learn more about tea. I am going to write about other ingredients in this herbal chai in another blog post later on. For now, we're just looking at red rapsberry leaf. I hope you find this both interesting and informative

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