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New Teas from Specialtea Teas!

Posted by Lisa B Gardner on


I'm going to be putting these new teas on the website soon. I did want to make sure I mentioned them so people will know they are available. First and foremost, Hibiscus tea. Hibiscus is great in the summer because it helps to keep you hydrated. It's a wonderful tea to drink in this hot weather. A simple syrup or honey both make great sweeteners if you prefer a sweet tea. The color is also quite pretty, a nice deep pink. Raspberry Rooibos, Raspberry Green Tea, Pomegranate White and Vanilla Black Tea are just a few of the teas. I'm now carrying a really nice Decaff Irish Breakfast and I have decaff Darjeerling and Earl Grey. I'll be getting these on the website soon.Today I spent most of the day at the Farmer's Market in Potsdam selling tea, baked goods and tea accessories. I was happy to be able to show the new infusers to people at the market. We now have animal infusers and teapots as well as the monkey,frog and robot metal infusers. These will also be on the website and available for purchase.

Don't forget that all of the teas we sell are great both hot and iced! Here's to tea drinking this summer!

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